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Mu yun supreme god emperor wiki

Su Yun Pinyin Su Yun Also known as Sword Limitless Sword Killing demon losers Limitless Sword Lord Wu Yun Sovereign King Ruler of All Realm Status Alive Physical Description Species Human Gender Male Age 18 (Start/Reborn) 1Qt+ (Currently) Eye Color Blue Hair Color Black Relationships Lover (s) Su Qing'er Hu Qianmei Long Xianli Ling Qingyu.


History. Mu Yun is the priestess of a village located in the desert in which the entrance to the Nine Clouds Continent (Small World) is placed. Mu Yun has a reputation of being an amazing healer. While Lin Feng was on the run with Emperor Yu, they sought out Mu Yun to heal Emperor Yu's injuries. Though she's able to heal Emperor Yu's channel ....

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Genres Fantasy, Science Fiction, Drama, Donghua Ten thousand years ago, Muyun's fairy King was secretly accounted for by holding a Zhuxian figure, and after a long sleep, he awakened in the famous "Muyun waste" of the southern Yun Empire in the Land of Heaven. When Muyun first woke up, he was deliberately bothered by the student Miaoxianyu.



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